Frequently Asked Questions

Which concours d’elegance shows are featured?
The decision to include or exclude a particular concours event on this website is solely at the discretion of the editors. The primary criteria for inclusion on this website are that the car show:
  • clearly benefits a charitable cause or organization
  • includes a select number of invited vehicles
  • presents multiple marques
  • vehicles are judged by recognized authorities
  • admission is open to the general public

In what order are the Facebook posts displayed?
Chronologically. The most recent post will be in the top row on the left. The feed then flows from left to right, proceeding down to the following line, and so on. Note that the group feed on the Home page includes posts from all the shows combined, with the number of posts from any single event limited to the three most recent.

To see unlimited posts from a specific concours, select from the left-hand column of click on the “Concours Locations” tab on the top menu bar.

What if I think an event should be added to the site?
If you feel that a particular concours d’elegance should or should not be included on the site, please Contact us.

What’s the correct pronunciation of “concours d’elegance”?
This perennial question was just raised by one of our followers. You can see our thoughts here.